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19th June 2007

10:10pm: All in one breath...
* Bruce Springsteen provided the perfect soundtrack for driving through the heartland of America: endless rolling hills dotted by groves of cottonwood trees, a single John Deere tractor kicking up clouds of dust leaving behind perfectly manicured wheat fields, and summer prairie grass as far as the eye can see bending in unison to the will of the wind.

* A jam packed week of vacation in Colorado switching between Boulder and Denver, a well deserved break after staying dormant through the Michigan winter: morning hikes up the flatirons for panoramic vistas, bike tours through gravel canyon trails and bustling city streets alike, seeing Bjork in concert high atop the Red Rocks Amphitheatre with a field of city lights sparkling in the distance, and plenty of navigating through downtown savoring the urban surroundings.

* I’m a naturalist! Putting on yet another hat for the books. What a strange feeling to be taking a guidebook along on hikes trying to identify the plethora of plants and wildlife, but how wonderful it is to be learning again.

* What an incredible high it is to have the Teton backdrop for all my activities! I raise my head and stare at these giants in disbelief almost on the daily, convinced that the sheer drama of the peaks is really a larger than life cardboard cutout.

* What I think is the true marker of enchantment to a place lies in the diversity of its landscapes. And the more I am acquainted with Jackson Hole, the more I am convinced that this valley is an entirely different world. I had to pull over on Antelope Flats Road the other night, and just breathe my surroundings all in. To my right, an early nineteenth century homestead stood humbly while the Tetons towered silently from behind, a testament of time and patience rising ever so dramatically above the sagebrush plains. Across the road, a herd of wild bison was silently grazing on scattered patches of grass while an early moon had already risen over the evening azure sky. I stood there in the middle of the impossibly flat valley, a tiny dot at the center of it all, overwhelmed and inspired.

* Driving home from Huckleberry Hot Springs, we felt like victors. With one bare foot on the gas petal, my tiny Corolla traversed the narrow winding pavement cutting through what seemed like an endless spell of lean, still conifers. Pulling over on a clearing along Jackson Lake, the three of us stood in front of this gray body of glacial water stretching right up to the snowy slopes of the Teton Range. The chilly wind blew through our hair, simultaneously creating wrinkles of waves here and there on the water. We looked at each other, and drank in this moment of flawless calm.

* Feeling completely relaxed at Shadow Mountain, Leslie’s cabin tucked away in the aspen foliage remains my place of refuge. A wood fire crackling in the fireplace on one side, I turn my gaze and am treated to a panoramic view of the sun setting behind that unmistakable profile of granite.

* Camping out atop of Shadow Mountain for Leslie’s last night in Teton country. The tent flap was wide open as I savored the texture of alpine grass on my bare feet. Warm breezes grazed the mountain top, blowing right through my mesh tent. I’m trying to finish the last few chapters of The Bell Jar while Leslie took a nap behind me. I look back and think, maybe under different circumstances, we could have worked out. I looked out into the valley at the mountains in front of me again, just as the late afternoon sun prepares itself for tonight’s descent. I smile and think to myself: This is it! This has got to be it! This really is as good as life gets!

30th April 2007

7:05pm: Superconnected
* Listening to Sarah Vaughan’s "How Long Has This Been Going On?" Her voice goes over like a warm blanket, I can’t help but relax.
* One of the last afternoons I will spend in the Arb: a perfect day to be outside playing sports, lying out in the bowl, feeling the cool blades of grass on my fingertips, nostalgia hits.
* TGI Friday’s with Hooni and Troch. Jack Daniel’s Chicken Strips were finger licking delicious and the company was surprisingly pleasant! Dinner ended with no awkwardness and so much laughter (margaritas may have helped).
* Attending 2007 Spring Commencement. Listening to Bill Clinton talk about changing the world…what a way to start your day! Feeling validated in my endeavors.
* Backyard deck chilling with friends this weekend…grilling shish kabobs, Middle Eastern catering, honey cakes… the worries can be stashed for another day.
* Note to self: Lesbians have no fear. All I can do is try to keep up.
* Going to see Bjork perform at Red Rocks Amphitheatre. Super stoked!
* My wisdom teeth are coming out on Thursday...eek.

23rd April 2007

1:14pm: Oh Hell Yes!
* Debating whether to read "My Sister’s Keeper", watch this week’s episode of "Brothers and Sisters" online, or finally finish "The Science of Sleep" on my computer for tonight’s entertainment. It all sounds so good! What a great problem to have after a less than rewarding day on the job!
* I am so content to be reading for leisure again. Finished reading "Fun Home" (graphic novel) and "My Sister’s Keeper"...both come highly recommended.
* Really enjoying www.emusic.com ! I am discovering some really great new indie music, venturing out on a limb, slowly completing the soundtrack to my life.
* The setting sun glowed below the tree lined hills while I stood at a river bend taking in the panoramic perfection of the Huron River. My legs were numb from running against the unseasonably chilly April air, but I don’t care. This water has been my therapy for the past six months whenever I needed to touch base with something bigger than myself. I stood there, wanting to remember every detail about my Ann Arbor before I leave.
* People watched with Diane outside of Espresso Royale on a sunny Friday afternoon. Off work early, put my feet up on the sidewalk café chairs, caught up with an old friend, and enjoyed the good company of the sun.
* Mountain biking daytrip with Edd to Stony Creek. The trails were packed with other bikers making the most of a 80 degrees afternoon, but we managed to do just fine from a leisurely ride through rolling meadows to catching plenty of downhill adrenaline rushes (I fell for the first time on my new bike!). Caught up and came out…right back to where we left off.
* EnCore end of the year picnic. Lots of good food (made potato salad), lovely weather, sat under the shade and savored my last time seeing everyone together.
* Leaving for Wyoming in about three weeks. Trying my best to tie up the loose ends here...I think I won't be back for awhile this time. Uncertain of the future, I'm still a little scared to venture out...but it's now or never. And I choose now to live my life.

11th April 2007

8:01pm: Dancemix2007
Picture post...a couple stills marking da end of my hiphop dance career.
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

2nd April 2007

3:34pm: Misread
* Playing catch football with Jaffe in unknown neighborhood park on a spring afternoon. Children on the playground, couples walking their dogs, everyone was happy to be out of hibernation.
* First ride of the new year at Leslie Nature Area. Zooming down leaf padded forest trails, proudly showing off the splattered mud on me as proof, almost succeeding to ride without hands: we were making the most of a leisurely Sunday.
* Stepping out of Angell Hall at 6 A.M. after another all night death practice, the sky was a deep azure blue with the moon still bright. The city was quiet and asleep except for a few crazies who were up and running already. For a week, I became a day sleeper…seeing how the other half lives.
* Dancemix is over! The sweat, pain, stress and all night practices…over! I delivered! Encore rocked it! The proof is in the pudding a.k.a. youtube. My last one… another chapter of my life closed.
* Attending critical mass with KT for the first time. Riding our bikes in, around, over and throughout downtown, we dominated traffic in a procession fifty man deep. Shouting slogans along the way, our presence invited countless onlookers: some who smiled and took pictures while others glared in curiosity, some honked in support while others in irritation. I couldn’t help smiling and laughing along the way…the way you do when you know you’re the coolest kid in town.
* Currently reading: Fun Home
and listening to: Neon Bible---Arcade Fire

17th March 2007

11:56pm: Why Don't You Like Me?
* Beautiful warm day in the middle of March: I finally rode my bike to work (practicing what I preach!), and thoroughly enjoyed a 70 degrees preview of summer.
* Learning to enjoy time alone in public. Sitting in Espresso Royale on my day off with 0 commitments, 1 laptop, 1500 songs on iTunes, and a steaming cup of hot chai tea. I need nothing else.
* Discovering the joys of horizontal bouldering with Rhi... the perfect challenge after you have exhausted yourself on the ropes.
* Mailed in my application for a Medicare Rights Center internship (fingers crossed). The possibility of a year in Manhattan doing elderly healthcare advocacy and policy...I may defer medical school for this.
* The next chapter: Getting to spend my summer in Jackson, Wyoming working at the Grand Teton National Park!!! I promised myself that I would return; I just can’t believe it’s really happening. Mountain biking up ski slopes, endless slabs of rock, floating down Snake River in intertubes, dreaming of the possibilities ahead, my head is spinning...
* Playlist du jour: Lily Allen--- Smile (Da "it" girl du jour is psycho in her video!)
Mika--- Grace Kelly (Catchy... and so obviously gay.)
P.S. I'm teaching my choreography tommorow...killer!

12th March 2007

7:22pm: Open Sesame
Reasons why I miss the Southwest.
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
* Climbing highest point in New Mexico.
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
* Blowing in the wind...bouldering in Hueco Tanks, Texas.
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
* Adam came to visit... Gila Cliff Dwellings.
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
* So sick...I'm walking on water.

8th March 2007

9:31pm: Sprout And The Bean
* Sunday afternoon bike ride to break in my Kona Cinder Cone. Standing in a snow covered corn field, I bask my body in the rare winter sun and allow the subtle warmth to bathe my face. Amidst rows of dry broken corn stalks, I indulge myself in a moment of stolen pleasure. BTW...I killed it on Pontiac Trail.
* Curling up next to Megs to watch Babel at the Dollar Theatre. Over two hours of heart wrenching entertainment for a dollar fifty…definitely should utilize this resource more often! Maybe even work up the confidence to catch a flick alone…oh the insanity...(Next up: 300 @ IMAX)
* After work sledding trip with KT and Buddy around Leslie Golf Course and Science Center. Warmly dressed, I laid down on the powdery ground watching dusk approach and planes streak the sky with trails of fluffy smoke…the snow rarely felt this comfortable.
* All the male mannequins in the American Apparel window were wearing colored tights with fanny packs… Huh? What? Did I miss the memo? In all seriousness...I like fannypacks. I got really used to wearing one as a ranger, and briefly considered buying a designer one for day wear.
* Four rejection letters in one week...double sigh. I am trying my best to breathe, but it's rough right now...

28th February 2007

10:25pm: Waiting for Wednesday
* February 28th…and I’m still on the alternate list waiting. I zipped my fleece over my head, and hid in the darkness... laughing and crying at the same time. Catharsis…heal me. Lord...help me understand your reasons.
* So I'm keeping my options open in lieu of above. Interviewing for a park service position at Grand Tetons National Park, WY on Friday. One of the most iconic places I've ever visited, I vowed to return one day... I'm also applying for a 6 month language/cultural immersion program in Guatemala geared towards minimizing healthcare disparities in minority/poverty populations. Ya know...gotta be smart in case school doesn't work out in my favor this year.
* Gigi’s Friday night with Alex. Seven jeans, vintage Mickey Mouse tee, and a fedora…I looked good! Finally a gay club that doesn’t play all techno...drag queens still kinda scare me though.
* Sunday afternoon done easy: eating homemade blueberry muffins and jam scones, reading the Sunday New York Times, and dog walking with Lang downtown through the dreary afternoon… feels like a JCrew ad, doesn’t it?
* First time climbing again in over a month...injected a bolt of energy right in me. Dominated the 5.9s! … And working on my finger strengths.

P.S. Just on da downlow: I watched an entire episode of The Agency on mah iPod while taking a workpoo da other day. Definitely helped to ease da discomfort of #2 in a public restroom. Muahahah...shhhh.

26th February 2007

10:36pm: Show you goodbye.
* How odd to be on the receptive end of an unrequited love pursuit...?
Other guy: I like you.
Me: Why?!? If you knew the values I stood for, how I live my life, you would see that we have nothing in common.
To think that I used to be jealous of those in similar circumstances...at least people were interested. But now...no more. I still keep thinking...Kev, you are in no position to reject gay friends. Only if I weren't so naive...
* Deciding that being a go-go dancer is grossly overrated (with a heavy emphasis on the "gross" part)...namely showing your dick to some old fat dude for just a dollar?!? who then thinks it's okay to cop a feel. C'mon now...
* Taking a vow of celibacy...holding out for the right guy or at least a really hot one. (Cuddling and making out doesn't count FYI...ah still need minimal physical contact with other humans)
* Listening to Dan Savage podcast on iTunes...comes heavily recommended! Good insight and even better wit...

11th February 2007

7:59pm: Our bodies are fragile...which is so easy to forget.
My body is down with the flu...the ghost of refusing a flu shot back in NM now back to haunt me. I am suffering chronic muscle aches and a fever of 101 degrees. I have canceled all my activities and engagements...staying indoors mostly in bed for the last four days has been largely unprecedented. My body needs movement, but has no energy. Television is still overrated.
My dad has tingling sensations in his hands and feet. He got news that he may have two tumors in his brain. You can't imagine the dark cloud this news cast over my family...we're still waiting on more test results to be sure. But there's nothing like a health scare to bring family together...and with just the three of us against the world, we could use all the support we can offer each other right now.

2nd February 2007

11:37pm: Change Your Heart
* Ah'm coming to understand that I grew up in a life of privilege. Learning that the homeless in Detroit commit suicide because they can no longer endure the Michigan winter was such a blow to mah head (mah sheltered world). That night, I thanked da Lord for blessing me with a room and a warm bed to sleep in. Privilege is all relative depending on perspective, and I am advantaged!
* Ah’m on the alternate list at Wayne State University...more waiting. But I’m blessed with such supportive parents in the process…they reminded me that God gives you exactly what you need (hope in this situation), not necessarily what you want. Mom later told me that she was proud of everything I’ve done… of me through it all.
* Maximize productivity during the day... take advantage of daylight. Mah perfect day of leisure: wake up early, push your body to da brim and da endorphins will flow, relax and recover at night with good food and plenty of conversation. Case in point: Day with Adam and Rhi at Lifetime Fitness (the Costco of gyms)…rock climbed, protein shake refuel at da café, and then lifted. Made a delicious healthy Italian dinner while Adam played da banjo…further proof that you can’t go wrong with good eats and good people.
* Technology is a beautiful thing. I can watch the entire season of “Brothers and Sisters” (new favorite show) on ABC.com at my own leisure…perfect with a hot cup of chai tea or for nursing a tummyache. (P.S. Mah physician doesn't think ah have an ulcer...yay!)
* Ah bought winter running tights...ah look so intense when ah'm running now.
* Ah served lunch at da shelter kitchen today. Da cut up hotdogs in baked beans with curried rice looked delicious!!!

17th January 2007

1:24pm: Let's Go Away For Awhile
* Ah have to give myself snaps...2007 is starting off on a bang.
* Ah'm busy again. After being in limbo for the past two months with no significant outlet to channel my energy, service work is making life fulfilling again. Ah took up two crisis counseling positions: one for runaways and at risk youth at Ozone House, da other at Delonis Homeless Shelter. Still in training phase, but it feels so good knowing that I possess the drive to make living life worthwhile! Transition periods may be unavoidable, but I can and will fight through them. A new chapter is starting…complete with direction and purpose. “Never let life beat you down. Beat life!”
* Sunday was all day LGBT sensitivity training...if we had to counsel those coming out. Oh da irony! All da lesbians were sitting in one corner chatting about Rosie O'Donnell's gay family cruise line...ah was cracking up.
* Read healthcare ethics book, practiced mock interviews, mailed in Thank You and Update letters… I have honestly done everything in my power for the Wayne State interview. The rest is no longer within my control. Whatever the outcome, I will not be disappointed in my effort! I have met God halfway.
* Ann Arbor is covered in ice. Trees look like they are made of glass, sparkling incessantly in the bright sunlight. Up close, the ice covering a branch is broken up into a hexagonal mosaic matrix. Colored me amazed! Best part was taking a walk away from work to enjoy it all.
* Upped my workout to six times a week. Still alternating between weight room and trail running...and occasional rock climbing or Bikram yoga just to spice things up. EnCore doesn't count.

9th January 2007

10:26pm: If Robin Thicke can't get chu laid...you're hopeless.
Mah Wayne State interview is tommorow. A little anxiety of course, but at some point, ah'm gonna have to relinquish control and just let things flow. Relax...and dream of all da things that will do your body good.

31st December 2006

5:44pm: Daybreak
2006...a retrospective. And a few jiggapookisms to start off da new year.
* Learning to live a life of balance. Being content is knowing how to balance between little satisfaction and extreme happiness.
* Taking care of Buddy (KT’s Chocolate Labrador)… having a new running partner. Something very special between a boy and his dog.
* Any way you put it(running, skateboarding, traveling, etc.)...da feeling of movement is still incomparable.
* Traveling dis year(Philadelphia, San Francisco, Dominica, New Mexico, Houston...), counting mah blessings...one destination at a time.
* Learning to keep my faith in da Lord...meeting Him halfway in His plan. Good things are coming next year.

28th December 2006

2:33pm: Smile
Good things are here. Smile.
* Patronizing the arts by catching a play downtown Indianapolis. Taking in ever more culture on a global scale…this time in regards to the genocide in Rwanda.
* Read population density article as US population is reaching 300 million…joking that we are moving to Death Valley to avoid the crowds, but laughing because we have found a slice to the secret of living in Taos.
* I am a balance to my friends and vice versa…some fundamentals in common, but mostly a lot of complimentary differences. Although finding a few of my own people wouldn’t hurt.
* Taking in the “American Music” photography exhibit at the Detroit Institute of Art…a singular cultural experience. Museums are one of the few venues I can enjoy and make a day of singularly.
* Alternative workouts to kick up the routine…crank night climbing and weekend Bikram yoga. Better hydrated this time, I pushed myself through the entire ninety-minute session. Still felt like I was going to spontaneously combust.
* Surprised by how much the tree in my front yard has grown…suddenly noticing one day that it has grown into a real tree. Getting to thinking how much I have grown along with it…unnoticeable gradual changes, but easily perceived by others.
* Working on my writing. I know I have a talent for words, now to live enough life for a book.

26th December 2006

3:20pm: Good Day
Good day to be me.
* Trying local street vendor cuisine (tripe tacos) in Juarez, Mexico…and live to tell about it.
* Day of climbing in Last Chance Canyon. Taking in the winding river canyon dotted with festive fall colors from high atop was only the beginning. The climbing was fabulous…having the entire place to ourselves was nothing short of a commercial.
* An occasional dive into shameless consumerism does have certain therapeutic qualities. A morning of shopping in trendy Montrose…very pleased with my new “Seven” jeans at a steal.
* Running outside in the Michigan winter… a good pick me up to battle the gloomy trapped feeling so ubiquitous to the season.
* Seeing bodies of water…both the stillness and power. So therapeutic and intrinsically calming…must be all those negative ions floating around.
* Taking advantage of a heat wave in late November…finally longboarding again with KT after a three month hiatus. A little chill riding mixed in with a little downhill rush…definitely good for the spirit.
* The Lord never closes a door without opening a window. Three days post email rejection, I finally received an invitation to interview at Wayne State University. I feel a giant relief.
* At Burger King on way to Indianapolis…dressed in western plaid shirt, denim Sherling jacket and Sorel snowboots, I looked around in line and realized that my look blended in all too well with the working class of heartland America… truckers, farmers and Mennonites alike.
* Doing good things not necessarily so that good things will happen to you, but that obstacles in life will resolve themselves and you can live in peace.

25th December 2006

12:23pm: Precious
Good graces continued...
* Hiking to secret waterfall in Big Bend desert country…taking the ceremonial dip in a refreshing pool below. Unexpected bonus: watching Black Bear cubs play about twenty yards away uninhibited while trying not to waken the mother bear. “What’s vacation without a little anxiety?”
* Running on the Desert Loop Trail at dusk. A mix of pink fluffs and gray inkblots set against a dull blue sky, the regal silhouette of Sotols looming above the Chihuahuan Desert, the unmistakable profile of Guadalupe Mountains afar…my second wind has just arrived.
* A bowl of steamy homemade chicken vegetable matzo ball soup slow cooked so the meat is falling apart…nothing says comfort more on a chilly fall day or after a long run.
* Climbing Sitting Bull Falls to secret cave. We walked behind a heavy veil of water drops ascending the barely carved path covered in spongy lush moss…the curtain of water separated what felt like Hawaii from the arid New Mexico desert outside.
* Postcard-worthy morning scenery of Taos…flat prairie wheat fields separate golden cottonwood trees lining the road from a backdrop of snow-peaked mountains, add in a dozen or so various hot air balloons…a picture of fall that needs no further improvement.
* Free Maria Gomez concert post-Wheeler’s Peak hike. Beautiful arrangements and enchanting melodies; felt great to sample the cultural side of Taos…but the best part was feeling toasty after the last couple hours of snow hiking.
* Manby Hot Springs: a pain to find, but all good secrets usually are. Scenic hike down valley gorge, warm bathwater to ourselves, spring overlooking Rio Grande like an infinity pool, plenty of laughter to entertain us.
* Not freaking out when life throws you a curveball. Remember you made it just fine on your own for the past five years. You wanted to travel after graduation…and here you are living in a national park in New Mexico. If you want something to happen, you can make it happen! God will take care of you, so relax.

24th December 2006

3:34pm: Smoking Cigarettes
Almost da end of 2006...and so many blessings. Da remainder of the year will be dedicated to these times.
* God answered my prayer! After years of asking for the strength to accept myself for who I am and how He made me…it happened! The change was gradual, but the realization was sudden.
* Predawn…I am wrapped in my sleeping bag alone in the stone amphitheater listening to bats fly back into the cave…the unmistakable sound of wings flapping all around me. Afterwards I watched the sun rise over the Chihuahuan Desert from start to finish.
* Being in the darkest and most quiet natural place on Earth during a cave blackout. Sound taints the deepest ocean while outer space is littered with light.
* Swimming in Cottonwood swimming hole…perfect solution to a day of hard work. Chilly clear blue water, big cottonwood trees turning golden, playing water polo with Anna and Les…chasing an endless summer in New Mexico.
* Sitting under the night sky...the stars are plenty...I can make out the Milky Way as one long hazy streak. Just enough magic to make me forget the problems that plagued today.
* In the car with Adam and Rhi, we wondered “What is there more to life than eating good food, being active, trying new things, traveling and exploring the world?” It got kind of sad when we realized that we have just boiled down life’s joys to four simple categories. We quickly added philanthropy and charity to that list.
* Closing my eyes…feeling the warm sunlight bathe my face while chilly head clearing breezes blew by. Working was simply being outdoors in late October New Mexico, I had to smile at my good fortune.

17th December 2006

11:15pm: Day Old Blues
Nature versus culture. Why not? I’m versatile remember? But the first days back to the city, I felt disoriented. Walking on the sidewalks of downtown, I felt lost within the barrage of lights and manmade sounds. I mean civilization is man’s attempt to create an atmosphere of order in a world that is not within his control, yet there lies such a feeling of disorder and messiness contained under the perpendicular street corners and carefully laid out concrete. The madness and confinement intimidated me. I missed the simplicity of living in the middle of nowhere national park. It was quiet there, dark when it should be dark, warm when the sunlight hit your body, animals and plants in their right place, everything was in its own element…the order and structure nature had intended and executed remained pristine and unparalleled. And within this giant circular rotation of light, dark, warm, cold, life each and all taking shifts to keep another day continuing on, I managed to squeeze myself in there not as an intruder, but an admirer humbled by the steady perfection of it all.

3rd December 2006

5:15pm: Through Da Nite...
* Da Lord does not close a door without opening a window...ah see dat now. He blesses mah life wit everything ah need! An invitation to interview at Wayne State University three days after a post-interview rejection email from Michigan State University. Ah tried to keep mah spirit up after reading da email...goin' for a super long run, forgettin' ah have one bad knee until it blew out...ah felt so defeated when ah finally stopped running. Not counting mah eggs before they hatch...but even one step forward is a giant relief.
* Ah bought mahself a new mountain bike!!! Kona Cinder Cone...upgraded from mah last Blast. An investment piece to bring new found freedom to da stale restlessness plaguing life back home...and hopefully pushing me to go exploring again.

26th November 2006

6:09pm: Da Evolution
* Da road to medical school have been going less than smoothly. Three months into da application cycle...only one interview, three rejection letters, and still waiting to hear back from...count it....twelve schools. At dis point, ah have done everything ah can tryin' to be on top of mah game. Ah feel mentally exhausted waiting aimlessly to hear back, checking mah email compulsively... putting myself in a state of constant low anxiety, and that is no way to live. Ah've been gunning towards this single goal for da past five years...and now, things are no longer in my control. Ah was so hesitant to come back from New Mexico because ah felt like such a failure coming home, da future have never seemed so uncertain. Ah have always been moving forward in mah life...even if ah'm exploring different facets of mah being unrelated to a general goal. And now being back, ah feel stagnant. Everything is da familiar from da research lab to EnCore...coming off of such a high, ah'm feelin' restless and going stir-crazy. Da world offers so many options for me to go explore...ah would hate to waste dat time waiting in chance of an interview which may or may not happen.

20th November 2006

6:08pm: Burning In The Sun
* I am back home in Ann Arbor. Driving across the country on the way home…the topography, fauna, and climate gradually changed…first trees, then trees with fall colors, and finally bare trees. Took da long route back stopping to visit Houston for a couple days. Having been on a nature binge for over three months, ah drank in da city...eating real sushi again, dancing to 80's cover bands, workin' out at trendy gyms overlookin' downtown skyline. 43. But when da right day calls for it, nothing is more relaxing than just laying out on a grassy knoll outside da Menil Modern Art Museum…a slice of natural perfection even in the heart of the city.
* Life back home is quite different from New Mexico...and ah must admit ah'm getting fairly restless. In da back of mah mind: as soon as ah hear back from a school, ah'm outta here.

30th September 2006

11:25am: Little Boy Blue
* Too much going on...so ah'll hush and let mah photos do some of da talkin'.
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Boulderin' @ Heuco Tanks.

7th September 2006

2:33pm: Havin' A Blast
* Ah'm havin' a blast here...carefree days and stargazing nights. Playin' outside a lot and gettin' in shape. Meetin' good folks and feelin' strangely at home.
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Runnin' @ White Sands.
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Explorin' Sitting Bull Falls Cave
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